My Talks

Given below is a short list of some of the Keynote Presentation subjects available, although in actual fact each and every one of the talks we give is personalised to the needs of the client. If you would like to book Gerard for an event or special occasion please contact us.

Accessing Your Genius Potential
(1½ to 2 hours)

Unlock the incredible powers of your mind. Accelerated learning is possibly the most fundamental and powerful skill required in order to succeed in today’s society. Put simply, ‘accelerated learning’ is a set of techniques that enables rapid and effective learning. The principles governing accelerated learning are based on how the different parts of the brain interact with each other and acknowledge the multiple intelligences that exist and how each is called into play. Only after understanding this can we begin to appreciate our own limitless strengths and unleash the awesome capabilities of our brains.

Quantum Goal Achievement
(1½ hours)

This talk takes a holistic approach to the concept of success and focuses on the many different, often conflicting, areas of our lives; family, career, relationships, belief systems, material aspirations and creativity, to bring about the harmonious balance necessary to nurture success. In other words, to make our dreams come true.

Do It Now
(45 minutes)

This is a highly motivational and inspirational talk, which will galvanise people into taking immediate action towards the fulfilment of their dreams and goals. This presentation is filled with energy and excitement.

Creating Unlimited Wealth
(1 hour)

Discover the importance of effective wealth-building strategies, learning the six fundamental points to creating unlimited wealth. Recognise the skills involved in how to make it, save it, manage it, invest it and share it.

Seven Qualities Of All Successful People
(1 to 1½ hours)

Identify the difference between the winners and losers in life. What is it that all master achievers have? Find out how to generate these skills. This talk is fun, exciting and informative. It will get people taking specific action to achieve in a highly dramatic way.

Eat Your Greens
(45 minutes)

Helps you to understand comfort zones and how to get out of them. How to enjoy doing the things you don’t like to do in order to achieve. How to overcome procrastination and get the energy and drive you need.

Selling To Win
(1 hour)

Introduces maximum selling strategies giving you the ability and skills to sell yourself and your ideas to others. Covers the three main parts of selling – prospecting, presenting and following up. Also covering the three stages of the sale, intelligent questioning and gaining commitment.

Communication Skills To Change Your Life
(1 hour)

The importance of communication in all our lives, how to communicate effectively, always make your point clearly understood, get people thinking the way you do, generate great rapport, stay in control of all conversations and build trust. Find out about the keys to successful listening skills. Learn about the different types of people – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – and how to use this to your advantage.

Building a Coaching Practice
(1½ hours)

Learn how to get an unlimited amount of clients for your coaching business. How to attract potential prospects, present, make people want you for their coach and build a stable and sustainable business.

A Future To Live For
(1 hour)

How to create the future of your dreams and bring about its manifestation. Covering the unique natural laws – correspondence, cause and effect, attraction and abundance. Learn simple, incredibly effective, life-enhancing techniques that can change your life within days.

Time To Live
(1½ hours)

Discover time empowerment skills. Become an expert in time management, learn how to apply Pareto’s principle to all aspects of your life and effectively use your most precious resource of all. Find out what drains you and eliminate it. Learn how to apply the principle of extreme self-care and get your priorities straight.