About Gerard O’ Donovan

Gerard , is the founder and CEO of The Noble-Manhattan Group. Europes premier and longest established professional coaching and coach training organization.  www.noble-manhattan.com .
The Founder and CEO of The ALPHA Group  the leading Peer to Peer group to help owners of SMEs in 21 countries  www.the-alpha-group.biz  .

Non-Executive Director and Past President of the IIC&M ( International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) The Worlds leading accreditation body for professional coaches  www.iicandm.org  .

The Owner and CEO of Westminster Indemnity a leading provider of Indemnity Insurance  www.westminster-indemnity.com

The Chairman of the ICN – International Coaching News- World’s largest Coaching Publication  www.internationat-coaching-news.net .

Founder and CEO of Coach Radio International- The leading personal development internet based Radio Platform  www.coachradiointernational.com .

Master Executive Coach- Working with C level Executives and owners of SMEs www.gerardodonovan.com .

Owner of – The Coaching Blog  www.coaching-blog.com   voted in the top 25 in the world out of 48 million blogs covering that subject.

Please e-mail for more information at: gerard@noble-manhattan.com

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Specialties: Trainer of Professional Coaches, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach. Corporate Trainer, Mentor

Building international businesses 
please e-mail for more information at: gerard@noble-manhattan.com


  • Author of the highly acclaimed Life Design Programme, which incorporates the following courses and audio-tape series
    • Goal Achievement
    • Time Management
    • Accelerated Learning
    • Directing the Subconscious to Achieve Success
    • Positive Attitude – A Way of Life
    • Creating Unlimited Wealth
    • The Need for a Mentor
    • Dynamic Communication and Presentation Skills
    • Ten Natural Laws of Success and Achievement
  • Author of “A Coaches Story” which has become an Amazon bestseller
  • Author of “Coaching With Confidence”
  • Co-author of ‘The Thirty Minute Coach’
  • Co-author of “ Voices of Experience”
  • Co-author of “ The Great Question


  • BBC
  • The Money Programme
  • Romanian Television
  • Bulgarian Television
  • Polish Television
  • Turkish Television
  • FOX News
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Telegraph
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent
  • The Irish Times
  • India Times
  • And many more


Gerard has been described by those he works with as a highly sought-after, dynamic, motivating, informing and amusing public speaker. Prior to life coaching Gerard was in the Royal Marines and had a career as a financial advisor. His entrepreneurial skills soon revealed themselves and he founded his own life coach training company, Noble Manhattan, which is still the only one in Britain to have gained an A* accreditation from the European Coaching Institute (ECI). Over the last seventeen years he has been instrumental in establishing several more companies and taking them from inception to extraordinary high levels of turnover.

Europe’s Master Executive Coach

Gerard O’Donovan’s boundless energy, unique training style and business-building insights make him one of the most sought-afterprofessional coaching consultants in Europe and across the globe. Gerard travels the world developing and consulting with businesses and individuals and operating two large consulting businesses. No matter where he is, Gerard’s passionate focus remains the same: to help people achieve peak performance in everything they do.

Professional Accreditation

Gerard is one of only 6 Accredited Fellow Coaches in the World

Gerard has been identified both professionally with accreditations and by his peers as a leading expert in his field. His talents as a public speaker have been commended in the book Voices of Experience by Jacqui Harper which features “expert tips from high profile presenters”. His experience and professionalism is evident as he was asked to co author the book Good Question! by Judy Barber and write the foreword for The Coaching Parent by David Miskimin and Jack Stewart. He has co authored The Thirty Minute Life Coach with Curly Martin.

Education and Experience

Gerard’s ability to inspire his audience stems from the fact that he does not just teach text book theories. He has been educated in psychology and business philosophies but believes that it is real life experience which gives him his edge over the “never done it myself” trainer. His personal view is that only true experience combined with educational material can provide the all round approach that enables one to be able to truly relate to, and help, people and businesses solve their problems and improve their outlook. It remains the case that Gerard still runs two international organisations, managing over 4,000 people.

Entrepreneurial Expertise

It is Gerard’s boundless energy, unique training style and insight into business building philosophies that makes him one of the best of only a small number of professional consultants and peak performance coaches who have actually done it themselves. Not only does he travel the world developing and consulting with businesses and individuals, but also currently owns and runs six  large businesses himself. One of these he started in November 1995 and within 12 months developed into an organisation of over 3,000 people working within 11 countries world-wide. He specialises in helping people to achieve peak performance in everything they do.

Passing on the knowledge

Gerard O”Donovan”s skills have also been recognised by the Princes Youth Business Trust, set up by Prince Charles. The PYBT approached Gerard offering him a post as mentor. In this challenging role, Gerard helps young people to produce a business plan, seek funding and monitors progress, advising and steering each person in the right direction. Gerard particularly enjoys this role and takes pleasure in nurturing a new idea and watching it grow into a successful business.

Inspiring Global Audiences

When executives clamor for Gerard’s assistance, it is because they recognise Gerard’s ability to inspire in a way that has nothing to do with textbook knowledge. Of course, Gerard’s background in the Royal Marines, and as a highly regarded financial advisor, were just the beginning. Soon, Gerard recognized his own talents for motivating others to achieve greater success, and turned his attention to founding his own life coach training company…still the only coaching firm in Britain to have gained an A* accreditation from the International Institute of Coaching (IIC). Over the last seventeen years, Gerard has been instrumental in establishing several more companies and taking them from inception to extraordinary high levels of turnover.

Gerard’s education is steeped in psychology and business philosophies, but Gerard believes his real life experience is what fuels his edge over the “never done it myself” trainer. He believes only real world experience, combined with the right educational materials, can provide the all-round approach to truly relate to and help people and businesses solve their problems and improve their outlook.

Professional Accolades

Recognised by the Prince’s Youth Business Trust set up by Prince Charles, Gerard mentors and guides young people as they learn about business operations.Featured in the following books:

Gerard O’Donovan is not sought-after simply because of speeches, books or other accolades, however. Gerard O’Donovan is a master coach because his methods, training and strategies work, over and over again, for hundreds and thousands of executives who are willing to recognize their weaknesses, build upon their strengths, and change the way they manage their lives to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

When the ability to balance the duties and pressures of both life and work become so great that neither area of your life is successful, it is time to learn the innovative techniques and strategies only a Master Executive Coach like Gerard O’Donovan can bring to the table.

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