If you are ready to be stretched, pushed, pulled and remolded far beyond anything you ever thought possible.

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Gerard has worked with many of the world’s Largest corporations from Microsoft, to Pepsi Cola to Zürich

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If you have ever attended a coaching programme, you may be surprised to know that Gerard O’Donovan…

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Across the globe, organizations large and small feel pressured to do more, be more productive and stand out as the best. Many invest in executive coaching and corportate coaching to learn the highly targeted skills needed to:

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Robert Allen, Director Mortgage Shop Exeter Ltd

Gerry has to be one of the most exciting and enthusiastic speakers I have ever seen. Anybody interested in personal development should attend one of his courses!

Robert Allen, Director Mortgage Shop Exeter Ltd


I would like to translate for you part of the text below. I got this e-mail from one of participants of Introduction to Coaching meeting on Tuesday.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to meet Gerard. He’s a wonderful man who shows the value of coaching by whole his person. His performance was thrilling and breathtaking!!! In my opinion Gerard is the best ambassador representing the coaching business. I am very happy I could meet a wonderful person like Gerard”.

Maciej is going to start the course as soon as possible.

Hello Gerard,

It was an ‘explosive’ event today and I had a great time attending your seminar.

I have attended similar programs with other coaching institutes in London, which did give me some direction towards coaching. Your program, how ever was mind-blowing and I would like to be associated with you for further accreditations for Executive & Business coach. Was just wondering where does he get his enormous energy from?!


“I have worked with Gerard O’Donovan for 3 years and in that time I have begun a new business, a Solicitors practice. My business is nearing 2 years old and has grown throughout difficult financial times. I completed the start up and have achieved the growth with the invaluable assistance I have received from Gerard. I find our telephone conversations stimulating, helpful and often very difficult as he does take me out of my personal comfort zones.

He supports me by email whenever I need it.

He is a formidable source of accountability.

He is the MD I need and could never afford I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.”

Just wanted to thank Noble Manhattan and all the nice people that i met at the Residential at Eynsham.It was a fantastic learning experience, didn’t realize how time passed by and wished it was a bit longer. I will inculcate the learning in my course and all spheres of life and would be great to keep in touch with all you lovely people.Would just like to say DREAM DARE SHARE, nothing is impossible, that’s been my learning.


I have known Gerard for over 13 years and have witnessed a man with incredible drive and motivation lead others both individually and in groups to higher self-belief, ability and ‘esprit de corps’. He is an inspiration both on stage and in person

I have never before seen a large room of people as if charged with electricity. It was one of the most impressive, encouraging and motivating talks I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and I have heard from many of the best

Charles Boote, Former MD of Armitage Shanks Europe and Deputy Chairman of Stafford Training and Enterprise Council. Also currently Member of Economic Advisory Panel of Rural Development Commission.

I was at a crossroads in my life where I knew there must be a better way forward than where I was currently heading. It was at this time when I met Gerry, and I’ve since maintained that our meeting was ‘fate’. His motivational and training talks and material, a reflection of his truly positive attitude and direction in life, not only helped me realise a better way forward but that I could take charge of my own life and destiny.

I have just got back up out of bed (its 1.30am) because I had an overwhelming urge to write you this message (I guess I fear my old gremlins might have returned by the morning and I wanted to make sure I have captured the moment). I just want to take the time to tell you and the other speakers from the weekend what a wonderful learning and growing experience it was. However the real reason for my contacting you is to tell you just how wonderful I have felt today! Usually when I have finished a weekend course with the intensity of this one I need a few days to get over it, but today I have been so excited and positive about the possibilities of new opportunity that physically I feel lighter and have virtually been skipping everywhere! Chatting nineteen to the dozen about coaching, beliefs & values. my daughter and I have had the best conversation that we have had in months even if I have coached her to realise that she doesn’t really want the whole family to move to America but that her dream is hers to be adventured alone. When I was asked about my vision of success during the weekend I told my coach that it was me with my family standing in a group with our arms around each other very relaxed and casual and I had a big grin on my face but mostly I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Well today I have succeeded in the Grin and the shoulders. tomorrow I keep going.

Gaynor Hayward, Student

Just wanted to say what a wonderful experience was had over the last 4 days. What you have done is quite remarkable in building NM to the family it is today. It’s a breath of fresh air to find something you can be a part of and become encouraged to excel at being you and inspired to fulfil your true life purpose. Well done to you! I dare say that we will have a great many further meetings and look forward to every one of them.

Gerry Donaldson

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